Seed Crystal Fondant

(SCF) is a ready-made slurry for the initiation of sucrose crystallisation. In the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe, we represent the company who developed and produces SCF: Greenhills Technology Ltd. located in Ireland.


In The Netherlands and Germany we represent Ouvrie PMC in Lesquin, France, producer of ErolĀ® defoamers. With over a century of expertise in the defoamers business, Ouvrie has positioned itself as a European leader through the development of a wide range of defoamers for all agro-alimentary applications.

Cosmetic ingredients

Vogler supplies a variety of cosmetic ingredients.

Rubber industry

Vogler offers three different productlines for rubbercompounding & -processing

Food industry

Seed Crystal Fondant


Brown-, Black-, Green Nickel Oxide

Industrial thickening agents