Black Nickel Oxide

an ultra-high purity product with approximately 77% Nickel content. Used in the glass- and electronics industry.

Brown Nickel Oxide

A fine powder, free from metallic Nickel and sold world-wide to the Enamel-, Ceramic- and Glass industries.

Green Nickel Oxide

An Ultra-high purity product that contains approximately 78.5 % Nickel. This Green Nickel Oxide is produced for the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) manufacture.

Reducteur H-72 Super releasing agent
Rusted parts in 30 seconds released, also a lubricating agent and rust preventer that imparts a coating on the surfaces.

Industrial thickening agents
for regulation of viscosity, rheology and dispersion or suspension in aqueous systems, emulsions and cosolvent systems.


Cosmetic ingredients

Vogler supplies a variety of cosmetic ingredients.

Rubber industry

Vogler offers three different productlines for rubbercompounding & -processing

Food industry

Seed Crystal Fondant


Brown-, Black-, Green Nickel Oxide

Industrial thickening agents