Black Nickel Oxide

Is an ultra-high purity product with approximately 77% Nickel content. Used in the glass- and electronics industry.
Seido Black Nickel Oxide is of very high purity and is a high surface area powder. Seido has a unique production process to make this very special product. Typical BET surface area values are about 75m2/g.
Nickel Oxide Black is produced in 2 grades – A and F – differing mainly on particle size.

Seido Nickel Oxides are used worldwide as a standard for many special applications due to their high purity and the strong reactivity given by the high surface area. Many major producers of Ni-Zn Ferrites have Seido Black Nickel Oxide specified as the key nickel feed component.
Further, the unique combination of properties allows the Black Nickel Oxide to be used in the production of special hydrodesulphurization catalysts, and for glass frits in porcelain enamel and to develop colors in glass.

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Black Nickel Oxide – Grade A

Black Nickel Oxide – Grade F

Black Nickel Oxide

Nickel Oxide – Black

Nickel Oxide brown

Nickel Oxide – Brown

Green Nickel Oxide

Nickel Oxide – Green

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