Reducteur H-72

Super releasing agent

Why Reducteur H-72?
Dismantling of compounds that are stuck due to rust or chemical oxidation is often a problem. Especially when ordinary penetrating oil does not work. What happens next is well known: the bolt or other connection breaks and needs to be drilled out. A waste of time and often expensive equipment!
Reducteur H-72 is used for many year now. releasing normal bolt-nut connections, but also for the dismantling of the major axes of the steel industry.
Reducteur H72 contains no oil, needs (usually 1-2 minutes) to do his work, is non-toxic and does not affect the skin. Reducteur H72 doesn’t affects the metal or other substances like  Neoprene, Viton or Teflon.

All threaded joints, axes, valves, valve plugs, cable glands, bearing bushes, hinge joints, muscle joints, flanges, drive chains, etc.

Remove grease, dirt, or already applied penetrating oil (for example with a solvent). Spray Reducteur H72 on the rusted surface. Do not use a brush. After a few minutes loosening can begin. Use a sufficiently heavy pliers or wrench, which has plenty of pulling power. Treat heavily rusted parts a second time with Reducteur H-72 and continue pulling. It is important that the product reaches the layer of rust as good as possible.

preventive effect;
Because Reducteur H-72 also prevents the components from getting stuck by rust it is also used preventive during assembly.

Packing: Size 300ML Aerosol
Default packaging Quantity 1 box of 12 spraycans.


Rusted parts released, a lubricating agent and rust preventer that imparts a coating on the surfaces.

Reducteur H-72

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