Rubber Industry

Vogler offers three different productlines for rubbercompounding & -processing

Synthetic elastomers

Vogler sells the materials of a.o. Zeon Europe within the Benelux countries. With production-sites in a.o. Japan, Taiwan, the USA and the UK, Nippon Zeon is the largest manufacturer of nitrile-elastomers in the world, and global marketleader in specialties like HNBR, ECO and ACM.

Rubber chemicals

Vogler offers a wide range of rubber chemicals, which can be supplied in powder-form (100 % active), as well as in masterbatch-form. The usual carrier for the polymerbound products is a blend of EPM and EVA. Upon request however, carriers of different elastomers are possible. The polymerbound chemicals have a standard 75%- or 80% activity, but this level can be customised if required.

Thermal Insulation

We supply insulation plates for the rubber industry made by Isocos.

Cosmetic ingredients

Vogler supplies a variety of cosmetic ingredients.

Rubber industry

Vogler offers three different productlines for rubbercompounding & -processing

Food industry

Seed Crystal Fondant


Brown-, Black-, Green Nickel Oxide

Industrial thickening agents