G. Vogler B.V. is special agent for Isocos GmbH & Co. KG – thermal insulation.

With over 20 years of experience in insulating panels Isocos knows the individual requirements of different industries. Whether it be the Wood Processing Industry, the Rubber and Plastics Processing Industries or the Mold & Toolmaking Industry. Quality, Service and Competence are the keywords with which Isocos has profiled itself in the market.

thermal insulation

Isocos has an excellent position in the area of thermal insulation panels and is developing very well.With a brand new factory and excellent laboratory facilities, everything is in place to answer to your requirements
For more information, please visit Isocos homepage: www.isocos.de

Cosmetic ingredients

Vogler supplies a variety of cosmetic ingredients.

Rubber industry

Vogler offers three different productlines for rubbercompounding & -processing

Food industry

Seed Crystal Fondant


Brown-, Black-, Green Nickel Oxide

Industrial thickening agents